About us


(Pronounced mA-rak-EE )

(v) to do something with soul, creativity, or love;

When you leave a piece of yourself in your work.

Meraki is an international Madrid-Kuwait based equestrian training company founded in 2017; favored by the Spanish commerce of Economy the company works in all Olympic disciplines and equine fields.

Its main goal is to harness the power of professional training techniques while maintaining the love and passion for the horses.

We work in finding the harmony between what the riders’ goals are and the means to achieve them in the most convenient ways possible.

A strong understanding of the Equine world, decades of experience and pure passion for the horses is what sets us aside and makes us prosper. We put a piece of ourselves in every rider, every horse, every situation we work with ensuring a successful execution; for nothing can outshine something done with passion.


Inaki Lorenzo Simon ( ESP)

Iñaki Lorenzo Simón
Iñaki Lorenzo Simón

A certified equestrian training tutor (level 3 MAX) according to the FEI training system since 2000. As well as holding a degree from UNED in equestrian Training along with more than 30 years of training experience makes him an expert in working with beginner jumpers up to CSI 4* riders in the biggest show jumping competitions worldwide.

A competitor himself; competing in show jumping competitions worldwide. Inaki triumphs in dealing with all kind of horses, having had to deal with many hard ones in the process of reaching where he is now today.

Founder and head Master of www.clubafines.org School one of only 3 equestrian schools in Madrid that is qualified to hold National competitions in both show jumping and Eventing.

Fluent in Spanish and English.


Rawan J Alsaraf ( KWT)

Rawan J Alsaraf ( KWT)Certified Equestrian Training tutor (level 1) according to the FEI training system since 2016. An architect by Major since 2012, and an equine enthusiast by spirit.

First Kuwaiti rider to compete in the official Eventing Competitions.

Has competed in big international shows such as Global Champions tour; MET and Costa del Sol.

Fluent in Arabic, English and Spanish and speaks little French.